Friday, October 1, 2010

Kill Your TV...or Be Thankful for It?

Yeah, so for the second time this week my child is up early and ready to go and we are not. In fact, on Tuesday when her daddy was traveling (of course) she thought it would be great to get up at 4, 5 and 6 a.m. After the second time, she ended up in bed with me (which is totally against everything we've ever done, but I was just too tired to care). That morning, I think she ended up watching a few hours of TV, PBS Kids, of course, but still the guilt after I was finally awake was terrible. Especially since someone recently told me that even PBS Kids isn't good for them. Really?

Sydney seems to be learning words from Sesame Street (last week she used the word of the day in a sentence--exquisite), I was impressed. She also loves Curious George, Super Why and Dinosaur Train and I want to believe she has learned a lot.  We learned all about how dinosaur babies come out of eggs.  And, I have to say that the new Cat in the Hat is pretty great, too.  Today, we learned all about different tails. 

I admit when she was little we totally kept her away from the TV, but now I feel like she gets it and really does learn. Am I kidding myself? Not sure, but let me tell you how much extra sleep I have gotten and really needed. But, is all the guilt worth it? What are your experiences and thoughts, I would love to know. Maybe it will alleviate some of my guilt, thanks, moms!