Monday, January 9, 2012

Workin' For A Livin'

Ever wish you could just not work.  I mean you know those days where you just want to rest. No more kids at home with you, deadlines to meet or other "stuff" to get done.  Wow, I so know those days.  Yet, there is always that need and want in the back of my head to be contributing, to be adding value and brillance in some way.  I guess that's why I will always still work.  It gives me an outlet, a place to have my own space and really I do love what I do.  I get to work on the coolest things, with the most interesting and amazing people and well, I guess, I'm just lucky.  Even on the days when you wish you didn't have to work, hang in there, it really is all worth it.  Plus, I guess there is that little thing called money that helps us have all the things we need and think we need. Cheers to all working moms everywhere!

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