Monday, November 30, 2009


So, for six months or more I been talking about this blog. Many of you have heard me talk about. Well, it has finally come to be. One of those things where I just finally said enough already, sit down and do it.

The purpose: share thoughts, ideas, issues and everyday craziness with other moms who often battle with the terrible "g" word -- guilt. I know, I know, everyone has it at some point. But, I have spoken to so many of my friends and whether you work at home, work outside the home, or are a stay-at-home mom, there is still the issue of getting through the day with your kids in one piece, your head still on straight and limited guilt about it all. I say limited because let's be real, there will never be "no" guilt as a mom. For some reason, it is hard-wired in us. But, what I have found is that my fellow moms and friends know how to get me through the day with tips, pick me ups, a kind word, or "if you think that's bad, listen to what my child did." I'm telling you, it helps.

For the sake of space, I will stop here, but there is more to come. Most of all, I want this to be a place of sharing, inspiration and helpfulness. So, for now, I am asking you all, my friends, to post what you think...questions, issues, how you get through the day. Just maybe someone else in this group has been there. Also, feel free to send on to your mom friends. Together, I know we can beat the guilt and have a few laughs along the way.

Lastly, I have to say that one of the first times this blog came to mind was one day when my daughter was in time out in the car (not running of course) and I ran and threw a load of laundry in the dryer (it's in the garage). In that moment, I had to stop and laugh and say to myself, "wow, that was the best multitasking ever!" And of course, then the guilt of leaving my child in the car set in:)

Looking forward to a great time!


  1. Congrats on the blog, Shel! Can't wait to read more!! :) -- Steph

  2. How timely - I thought about your blog yesterday when I had my own mommy guilt moment. I asked my husband permission to see a movie on a Sunday. But was I asking him permission to leave the house or making sure that he was ready to step it up for a few hours? Regardless, I felt guilty for missing three hours with my girl when I only get the weekends to be with her. Pay the penance or take the "me" time! :)

  3. I'm so proud of you Shel! I know I'm gonna love reading your blog, even if just to laugh!

  4. LJ:
    Hear ya, honey...the asking permission thing used to get me, too. I have finally stopped asking, realizing he is not a babysitter, but Daddy and he can handle it. It's now more about just scheduling. You have to take time for you or else everything else falls apart. You are a better mommy for it, I promise! You are teaching Little L that knowing what you need to be healthy mentally and physically is important. Dying to seee a movie, what did you see?

  5. Shell,
    How exciting! Love the layout and soothing colors of the blog. I especially love the name, makes me feel better just reading it. Thanks for sharing!