Monday, March 15, 2010

Up, up and away...

This feels so weird, blogging from air, literally. I'm on my way to Denver for a work conference and was able to get free Wi-Fi on Airtran so here I am tweeting, blogging and sending emails. Anyway, things have been crazy, as they are for all of us, I know. Thought this article in today's New York Times was funny about all of us mommy bloggers. Thanks to Claudia for sending.

Also, this trip has made me appreciative...of my husband who steps up when needed, my daughter for not crying when I left and my friends, especially Dana who is making an effort to see me in Denver and be away from her family. I know our friends at home will also be helping Ja while I'm gone.

Wish me luck these next few days, long hours, client stuff and sore feet (I'll be at the convention center most the time). But, it will be good. Starting to see the mountains and they are screaming for us to shut our devices off. Will post mountain pics(hopefully good ones later). Have a good week and Happy Monday!


  1. Thought of you as soon as I read the NYT article...the one-and-only Shelly brand! :D

  2. Hope your trip was successful. Sounds like lots of work. You do have a super husband, sometimes it takes abscence for us to remind ourselves of these things. Your blog reminds me a bit of the new show Parenthood. There is a character that is a working mom who is constantly battling the mommy guilt thing. It is really good, if you haven't seen it- DVR it. Tuesday nights at 10.