Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Coke and A Smile...

Well, hello, folks.  Been a very busy few weeks.  Spent some of last week with my family in Big Canoe (very nice) and a few days at the Ragan communications social media conference at Coke headquarters.  I have to admit that I was really excited to go to Coke headquarters.  How long have I lived in Atlanta and I haven't been there?  It was great.  Diet Coke just sponsored the Heart Truth campaign and they had all the red dresses the models wore during Fashion Week on display (see pics).  Really cool.  Heidi Klum's was front and center.  I also got to go to the new World of Coke museum.  Really great inside.  The Coke polar bear hugged me and I got to bring Sydney back a little bottle of Coke (bribery for being gone). 

All in all, good time, but hard on J when I was gone.  What is up with my child not going to bed lately?  And one of the nights I was gone she was up for hours in the middle of the night.  Ugh!  Any ideas about the bedtime rituals?  We have tried it all but once she gets into the bed, she starts screaming.  I do admit that we still have her in a crib and are about to transition to a "big girl" bed and I am trying to use that as motivation to go to bed nicely (because big girls don't cry, sound familiar?)  I don't know.  Got my 1-2-3 Magic book out but feeling a bit unsure of what to do next.  Love thoughts and ideas.

Hope this finds you warm and happy.  It's finally March, yeah!


  1. Hmmmm...maybe she shouldn't be chugging Cokes before bedtime??? =)
    Seriously, my child has gone through so many different sleep stages over the past 4 years and I have no idea! Is she still napping? If she is, this might be the first signs that she's ready to give up her nap (and that is SO not a pretty couple of months!!) I think when Ella was about Sydney's age and tried pulling the bedtime tantrum thing, we told her she didn't have to go to bed, she could stay up and play in her room. She liked that freedom so much and usually put herself to bed about 15 minutes later. Our latest "strategy" is to give her 2 tic tacs (they are motivated by the weirdest things, aren't they?) if she stays in her bed all night. It's working for now, but I'm sure there will be a new issue next month. Would love to hear what others have tried...

  2. I love it! Great tips. Thanks, Amy.

  3. I agree with Amy. She might be ready to give up the nap. Also, a new bed might put a fresh perspective on bedtime. How do you normally address it when she starts screaming? You might check out Ferber's sleep solution book. He has a great strategy for going in every few minutes to reassure and then leaving her to self-sooth until she finally figures out that you mean business. Remember, this too shall pass :)

  4. Thanks, Daph. I do always try to remember that this too shall pass:) We just went to the big girl bed and I think it might be working! Much better these last few days. But, yes, it is also up to us to not go in there all the time. Jason and I are trying to support each other with that. Thanks again! Miss you!