Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Digging, digging, digging

As you know from my last week’s post, I was in San Francisco for a conference and while there lucky enough to see my other “soul mate,” Anna. We say that because we often think very philosophically together. 

While walking along the beach, which was the first place we went after food (because that is always the most important), we saw what I thought was the funniest thing…a dog digging this huge hole in the sand. Its owner stood by patiently, barely even paying attention, but every time another dog came up, that dog stopped, glared and basically said, “my hole, back off.”

It was so funny and for some reason SO liberating. The fact that this was all the dog wanted to do -- dig a hole -- made me feel the daily weight of the world melt away and I couldn’t do anything but laugh in amazement. Of course, Anna’s dog, Maggie, tried to get in on the action, but to no avail. So, later I captured her just staring at the ocean.  Again, how often do we get to just stare at the ocean? 
It was a fabulous mommy-day-off to catch my breath, take a deep, salty breath of the ocean and remember sometimes it’s just as simple as digging your own hole...or in people terms, just doing what you love!

P.S. At my conference, I also met Seattle Mama Doc, a very cool pediatrician who is a mom and blogs for Seattle Children's Hospital.  I have added her blog to my list or you can click above, but check her out.  Good stuff!

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