Monday, June 7, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

(Above, pics of the CA coast)

For the first time, Jason and I both had to be gone for work during the same time (we've both been gone before at the same time, but this was a crisscross of different days over the course of a week). So my awesome sister-in-law and nephews came to stay with Sydney during the day and a half when we were both gone. J was in Alabama for work and I flew to San Fran for a conference (and see Anna while I was here). While it has been amazing to walk on the beach, sleep 12 hours and even get a little shopping in before the long conference days, I do miss my hubby and child. Yesterday, in fact, when I called to say hello, Sydney wouldn’t talk to me on the phone. Talk about breaking a mother’s heart. I tried to act like it didn’t bother me, but I knew she was with her family and excited (and probably a little mad at me for leaving her). We had just had four days by ourselves and then poof, mommy was gone.

Then, today she told me she loved me over the phone and blew me a kiss and all was right in the world. Crazy how on Saturday night after four days by myself I couldn’t wait for her to get in bed so I could have some alone time and now she could nearly bring me to tears by simply not saying hi over the phone. And you know what, I know it is only going to get worse. I truly dread the teen years. In fact, I hope we are all here still talking to each other on this blog because I am going to need all the help I can get dealing with a teenage daughter. And many of you out there have done it, will be doing it and have great advice, so start writing it down!

In fact, this situation reminds me of a scene in Sex in the City 2 (I really liked it and recommend it!). Miranda and Charlotte have a similar discussion about being moms and needing to take breaks sometimes. One of the best scenes in the movie (Ok, along with the clothes and locations they visit).

We, as women and mothers, have to remind each other that it’s okay to take a break, get away, whatever you want to call it, in order to be better moms, wives and people.
Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder (and takes away some of the edge of crying, whining children, overworked spouses, house chores, work to dos, and on and on…). So, my recommendation...get away every now and then!

Sydney enjoying a cupcake while I'm away.

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  1. Oh can I relate to this one. In fact, we just got back from an 8 day trip with the kids that included Disneyland, SeaWorld, Etc... It was all "fantastic"- all expenses paid by the wonderful MIL- but I would be lying if I wasn't thinking about our all inclusive kidless 4 nights in jamaica coming the following week. Now, 3 days from Jamaica, and I am alreday thinking about how much I will miss them. I guess it is this "tug and pull" sort of seesaw that keeps us all going. Thanks for reminding me of this. Who knows where we would be right now without babies, but I'm willing to bet, we wouldn't be as happy as we are now, knowing we have them to share the world with.