Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where do leaves come from?

And street signs?  And the best yet came last night, where do babies come from?  Thank goodness Sydney asked my husband all of these questions.  Yesterday, between dropping off and bedtime, he had his hands full coming up with answers.  Of course, I love asking him what he said.  He skipped a few parts in the "where do babies come from" answer, but did a great job explaining everything in her 4-year-old terms.  Of course, this is coming up for her because her sister is in my belly and we have begun kissing her good night and talking about her a lot, so Sydney is somewhat prepared for her arrival in March. 

I love these questions.  They make you realize just how much kids are learning every day and how their minds work.  And I'm telling you, they have great memories!  She remembers everything we tell her.  Yes, their questions can also be annoying sometimes, but I just think, before we know it, she won't be asking us any questions, she'll be telling us what to do (or trying to)! 

What's the best question your child has asked you lately?

Oh, and BTW, anyone have a recommendation for a good book about having a new sister?

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