Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Total Vent:One of Those Days

Where I want to be, in bed

Usually try to be positive here, but gotta' tell ya' I'm about to explode!  Not only is it the busiest time of the year, I just can't seem to get a break.  My printer is on the blitz and I have to basically feed every sheet of paper into it (not very convenient), my keyboard just started acting up, I ran out of ink, I am trying to order gifts online and this one site that I really want the gifts from is so slow and acting up that I want to throw the computer out the window.  Can I bitch anymore?  Oh, sure, last night my daughter had another of those nights, where basically I just couldn't stand anymore.  It can't be my raging hormones, work stress or the fact that all of a sudden I realize we better get on shopping, nah, none of that.  Oh, maybe it's that I have some kind of rash that my OB can't help me with so now have to go to derm (and TMI, I know).  Haven't worked out this week, couldn't get to yoga and what I really want to do is go run around the block to get out my frustration, but the thought of my big 'ole 7-month pregnant belly running is pretty ridiculous.  So, here is my rant, vent or whatever you want to call it.  No guilt today, just total bitchin'!  Hope you are having a better one!

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