Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Laughs and Lessons from "Modern Family"

Anyone watch Modern Family on ABC? It is awesome! I look forward to it every week. And admittedly, I really like Parenthood on NBC , too. It rocks. They are just different. For now, let’s talk about last week’s season finale of Modern Family. The entire show Claire (played brilliantly by Julie Bowen) is trying to get a family picture (here’s the episode if you are interested Modern Family Season Finale). It’s hysterical, she wants everything perfect…everyone’s clothes (in white), the stairs they are going to sit on, everything (I can’t relate to that, can you, especially those of us who have tried for family pictures before?!)

And of course, nothing goes right. At the end, they end up with a great picture anyway (I won’t ruin it for anyone who didn’t watch it yet), but what caught me was what she tells her daughter when the oldest teenager asks why it is so important to get this family picture. Claire says “When you’re a mom everything goes by so fast…I just want to freeze this moment as it is right now.”

That totally struck a chord for me. She is so right! Even when you think being a parent is so hard, it goes by so fast. That truly hit home recently when we attended my oldest nephew's high school graduation and 18th birthday party. I can’t believe that little boy that I remember holding at six weeks old in Seattle is all grown up. And just think about my brother and sister-in-law…it was like the blink of an eye for them. Austin, my nephew, is handsome, smart, musically-gifted and overall, a great kid. He is going to do amazing things and affect many amazing people, I just know it.

So on the hard days, just remember how fast it goes by and give your kid(s) a big hug, because before you know it, they will be 18 and all grown up.


  1. Hi Shelly! I love this post. I don't watch Modern Family, but my fiance raves about it so much and often insists that I watch, so I'm looking forward to catching this episode online. He insists that I'm just like "Claire". So glad you're being intentional about cherishing the little moments that can pass by at the blink of an eye.

  2. we wtch modern family all the time too..and you are so right..cant believe I have 2 college kids now..geez!