Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Insanity

Oh my gosh, does anyone else feel as crazy as I do? Where did the time go and how the heck is it Dec. 14? “Ok, let’s not panic. It will all get done.” (Maybe saying it out loud will make it better.) I admit that I just ordered my Christmas cards, we just finished the tree and I am not done shopping by any means.

In fact, on the guilty mommy front, I had to share my story from Friday. On Friday
night, Sydney’s school had a free Parent’s Night Out, so she stayed at school for the evening. All day, my guilt haunted me. “Well, if we don’t have anything planned, shouldn’t we just get her?”

“Poor thing, she has to stay at school all day and into the night, that’s going to be horrible.”

Then, it turned into psycho mom, “Wow, we have three hours, let’s get the Christmas tree, decorate it, install the new bathroom sink, finish all the laundry and be done with everything so we can have a good weekend.”

Boy, that’s romantic for a night without the 3 year old! Well, guess what? Jason and I ended up going out to dinner, which was such a nice treat…just the two of us. Sydney did just fine and didn’t say a word about it and well, none of that long list of “stuff” got done, but we still had a nice weekend. And I figure it will all get done at some point. The laundry has to be moved by the 23rd so that my parents have somewhere to sleep, so at that point I know that will be done. Since we are staying home this year (halleluiah!), the gifts (mostly gift cards) will be shipped sometime this week so that everyone we won’t see will get them at least some time before Christmas. Yeah, it will probably all get done.

As you can tell from the pictures, the tree did finally get done (it took us two full days to complete the entire thing), and Sydney very much enjoyed putting the star on top and taking a picture of her Daddy in front of it (she's pretty good isn't she). I guess that's really all that mattered this weekend. The rest, well, it will wait.

Here’s to wishing you a peaceful and sane holiday…from one crazy mom to another, try not to let it all get to you. If it does, call another mom and b#$ch, she’ll understand.

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