Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Mysterious Multiplying Laundry

Yes, this is a pile of laundry. How do three people -- two adults and one child -- make this much dirty laundry? I have no idea. I took this picture a few months ago because I couldn't even believe it myself. I had to just laugh (or I would cry). I get so overwhelmed by it all and at this point, I just washed it and dried and piled it. Imagine those wrinkles...we're still getting them out:) But guess what? It all got done finally and put away (or we just wore it from the couch) and there was more. In fact, today my couch in my office (no, it's not a distraction at all while I am trying to work) is about half of this again. It's the laundry and the dishes that I swear multiple overnight. My point in all this...don't sweat the small stuff (yes, I’m staying it out loud to myself, since I’ve never been good at it).

I know, I know, laundry isn't so small, but after Sydney was born I had to come to the realization that everything had a place in the priority list...if we had clean clothes on our back, dishes to eat on (even if they were paper), a shower or bath and some sleep (more than 7-8 hours preferably), we would all be OK.

So, in reading this quote this morning, I thought of my fellow mom friends. Let's keep the really important things as our "responsibilities" and not take the rest or ourselves too seriously. It all gets done.

“It is our responsibilities, not ourselves, that we should take seriously."
--Peter Ustinov, British actor and writer


  1. Oh girly, I think we all can relate to this! The laundry is the one chore that never goes away. No matter how many loads you do, it just keeps piling up. If I could, I would pay someone to just do my laundry.